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"This moringa supplements helps overall to improve health by improving eye, skin , hairs and has Anti inflammatory properties to reduce any muscle pain issues..."


5 Stars to Moringa Capsule

"Excellent and effective ayurvedic products. I would recommend trying any of them for at least a month or two to witness positive results. Nothing happens instantly. Patience and positive thinking also matter a lot.
Wishing you good health!"

Devendra Barange

highly recomended

"I came across Altveda page on Instagram and liked their philosophy. Along with Ayurvedic products they provide simple yet effective monsoon remedies. I tried the Ashwgandga extract for men and find it to be very healthy."

Vineet Saxena


"Am loving this product so much . It’s a complete natural product .if you are looking for something that don’t have any side effects as well as it also relieves the stress and will give the best result as it claims"

Rakhi Sharma

Altveda Amla Extract Capsule

"So i received the amla extract ( capsules) and it's really good for everyone, it's not about ladies or gents everyone came take that capsules. I loved it so much, those capsules are very good for your hair,skin , immune system, I think everyone should buy these ayurvedic capsules. you will definitely get results. 5 Stars"

Divya Aggarwal

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Healing by Nature

If there is a problem in nature, then there is also a solution to it. Our lifestyle sometimes teases us with problems of body and mind, but we must not worry because mother earth has bestowed us with the means to fight back and heal ourselves. Our nature is cached with waiting-to-be-used healing agents that have the potential to solve all our health related problems, so why not use them for our advantage.

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