Amla Extract- Vitamin C Supplement (60 Capsules 450mg Each)

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 Altveda’s Amla is a natural supplement that you would not want to miss because of its incredible benefits. Amla extract is the answer when it comes to being healthy and youthful. 

Benefits of Amla/Indian Gooseberry supplement:

  • Antioxidant Supplement: The Vitamin C content of Amla keeps your body active and free from harmful toxins. It will drastically reduce these toxins and helps in the repair and regeneration of damaged cells. 
  • Reduce signs of skin issues: The wrinkles, fine lines that are showing the process of aging will be drastically reduced with the intake of vitamin C. 
  • Better skin and hair: Amla extract promotes the growth of new, healthy cells keeping your skin and hair in a youthful state. 
  • Reduce chances of Diabetes: As it helps in proper digestion, it also keeps a check on your blood sugar levels which in turn keeps diabetes in check. 
  • Better Eye health: This Vitamin C and Vitamin A rich citrus fruit extract helps maintain a strong vision as well.  
  • Increase memory/ brainpower The Indian gooseberry is not just good for your body but also for your brain. This vitamin and antioxidant-rich fruit extract is a potent rejuvenator that improves your memory and promotes brain health while minimizing the damaging effects of aging.

Other Names of the Herb: Phyllanthus Emblica, Indian Gooseberry, Emblic Myrobalan, Malacca tree, Amla, Amalika

Facts about Amla/Indian Gooseberry supplement: 

  • Amla is said to have 20 times more Vitamin C content than an orange. 
  • Say bye to hair fall and other scalp related issues with regular consumption of amla. 
  • Say hello to great skin without toxin build in the form of pimples. 
  • Amla has a rich content of Vitamin C, B, A, D, and minerals like iron and potassium which boost immunity. 


Specifications of the Product:

Ingredients -Amla(Indian Gooseberry) Extract & Vegetarian/Vegan Capsule

Direction to Use - 1 to 2 capsule once or twice daily before/with meal

Packaging Information - 60(450mg each) Vegan/Vegetarian Capsule in a bottle

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