Wellness Capsule for Men -Ashwagandha Extract (60 Capsules 450mg Each)

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Ashwagandha extract is a powerful rejuvenator that caters to needs that are specific to men’s overall health. Ashwagandha serves best when it comes to male reproductive health, it is used as a remedy that brings back vigor and vitality in a man’s life.

Benefits of Ashwagandha Supplements:

  • Stamina Capsule: Most men lead a life of high workload and constant stress which in turn takes a toll on their physical health as well as their sexual and reproductive life. If you experience these effects, this capsule brings back stamina and vigor into your life.
  • Better Male Reproductive Health: The Ashwagandha extract boosts metabolism in men and considerably improves male sexual performance. 
  • Better Immune System: Ashwagandha helps a lot in strengthening your immune system and boosting your stamina and endurance.
  • Stress/Anxiety Relief: It helps you stay calm and perform better by relieving you from the effects of stress and anxiety. As a result, it promotes brain health. 
  • Aphrodisiac: It is also known to be an aphrodisiac which along with promoting your sexual health also tends to give a boost to your fertility.

Other Names of the Herb- Withania somnifera, Asgandh, Ashwagandha, Winter Cherry, Indian Ginseng

Specification of the Product-

Ingredients -Ashwagandha(Indian-Ginseng) Root and Vegetarian/Vegan Capsule

Direction to Use - 1 to 2 capsule once or twice daily before/with meal

Packaging Information - 60(450mg each) Vegan/Vegetarian Capsule in a bottle

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