Happy Monsoon!

Be careful! The Monsoon Is Coming!

So the rainy season is here, and it’s not news that it brings a lot of problems in its backpack. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure”, why not be prepared to deal with the ever annoying diseases and problems of monsoon?

Here are a few thoughtful tips and tricks for you to shield yourself from the mischief of rain:

  • Don’t be too overconfident and act smart: We all are sometimes too confident about our immune system and act like nothing can happen to us. Rain, dirt, and germs are not partial as we are, and can cause some serious problems with cold, cough, fever, and headache. Wash your hands and feet whenever you come home from outside.
  • Watch where you eat: Be careful about where you eat. As soon as the monsoon approaches, we all get strange cravings for some pakoras and tasty street food. But it is wise to take hygiene into account. Make sure to eat at places that keep a high level of cleanliness. 
  • Say no to anything too cold: There is nothing awesome about having a sore throat and cough which can even lead to fever and headaches. It is better that you control your cravings for cold coffee, ice cream, and cold drinks a bit for a while.
  • Keep your own water: It may sound too old school but it is the best way to keep diseases away. Water gets easily contaminated and you can’t always make sure that the water you are offered anywhere outside is clean or not. So, keep a bottle of water with yourself so that you won’t have to drink from anywhere else.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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