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I’ll go on a diet” from New years or from Monday is what we have heard from ages now. Have you also been dieting to do weight-loss goal and want to desperately want your health in best shape? You are certainly aren't alone. Everyone has this urges where they want to put their life together by healthy eating. Those of us have been on a diets regularly know that it can be an uphill battle ending in results that either gives you best result or does not work at all. Indians are fond of food that most of them think if I devoid of some food in my diet I’ll get back to my shape and be “Healthy”. Struggling with limiting what you put into your mouth for a brief period of time could be frustrating and distracting and you might never see the change in your self. While eating healthy may be a mantra , it may not necessarily be an indication that Indians are consuming proper foods. Having a crazy diet is not only a way to achieve ideal weight but you’ll get excellent result if you make changes to your own lifestyle. Lets binge more information on it.
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What is diet?
Diet has aged well I feel over the years, diet have become a trendsetter in the health space. Following a diet promises to help you lose 3 kg's in a month so and no doubt its alluring whatever it offers. Lets not fool around but we have in all honesty fallen into that scam. It often has worked for people and often not. Bad diets can lead to temporary weight loss you can experience malnutrition as well. Our body gets deprived of food that we would normally like to eat in a mundane life. The problem with diets however, is that they have a timeline, once dieting is done, most people resort back to what they were usually eating, which causes the weight to come back. It's safe to say some diets are temporary. They meet the short-term goals and it is not tailor made for your body type. The whole context of a diet is to last as long as you can until what you’re preparing for is finally over and you can get back to your normal routine. All the hard work you put into diet reverse back when you meet the goal.
Lifestyle change

What is lifestyle?

Lifestyle changes will make things permanent in your life. When you think long-term with respect to your health you’re looking at the bigger picture. The bigger picture here is taking care of your wellness and not just lose some kilograms but sustain that healthy body for a longer time. Its  not only changing your eating habits but taking care of various aspects about you eating habits, workout regime , mental health. The results are limitless, the positive outlook in life and behaviour to achieve will seem less harder. A lifestyle change will make your life balanced, practicing moderation is important. It's just not sacrificing on food but enjoying food it in right proportions. Measuring your progress beyond a scale but on how you’re feeling or just mapping down your progress.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference"
- Robert Frost

Mapping the difference

Once you’re on the path of change the road less travelled you will spot a difference. The difference in your wellness and your life journey. Like best things take time this would also take time. It’s a guilt free process, not torturing your self in gruesome diets but enjoy your healthy food choices and some time you can indulge in the food you like and not keep yourself devoid of it. The result will seem permanent because your change in mind-set. So if you’re on a journey to improve your health try to focus on the long road ahead. Diet results are fantastic ,easy and accessible you might get a said diet in one search on internet but lifestyle change will help you quiet all the bad habits and things you indulged in. when trying to choose between a diet or a lifestyle change research and do what best works for you your  personal life, food habits and many other aspects that will help you to stick with it.
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